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General Information


 If you have any questions regarding our athletics program, please feel free to drop us an e-mail.


Co-Athletic Directors:

Louie Corpuz        Keith Lee

Athlete Handbook

EGUSD Sports Physical Form










The Elk Grove Middle School Athletic Program provides equal access for all students.  It promotes opportunities for participation, through competition in athletic programs which promote school spirit, self-esteem, sportsmanship, team work, and positive social skills.



The sports offered will include: Season District Tournament
Volleyball Intramurals Aug. 22 - Aug. 26  
Cross Country Aug. 15 - Oct. 29  
Volleyball 7th grade girls' competitive team Aug. 29 - Oct. 13 Oct. 20
Volleyball 8th grade girls' competitive team Aug. 29 - Oct. 13 Oct. 18, 19, 20
Basketball Intramurals Oct. 17 - Oct. 21  
Basketball 8th grade girls' competitive team Oct. 25 - Dec. 8 Dec. 12, 13, 14
Basketball 8th grade boys' competitive team Oct. 25 - Dec. 8  
Wrestling team Nov. 28 - Mar. 4  
Basketball 7th grade girls' competitive team Jan. 4 - Feb. 16 Feb. 21
Basketball 7th grade boys' competitive team Jan. 4 - Feb. 16  
Sport Intramurals Feb. 27 - Mar. 10  
Track and Field team Mar. 13 - May 4 May 11


  • Intramurals -- There will be a no cut policy.
  • Competitive -- There will be a limited amount of players per team.




1.  A permission form needs to be signed by a parent/guardian and on file with the Athletic Director
2.  Intramural games offered will only be from 3:15-4:45 and take place on campus
3.  Teams will be co-ed and will be non-competitive
4.  Has a “no cut policy” but must participate



1.  Student-athletes are eligible to compete for only two consecutive years of competitive athletics, commencing with initial enrollment in the 7th grade.
2.  In the sport of wrestling only, elementary students may practice and participate in tournaments with middle school wrestlers.  In Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) dual meets, elementary school students may only wrestle against other elementary school wrestlers.  They cannot wrestle against middle school wrestlers.
Academic Eligibility

All student-athletes who wish to participate in an athletic activity in the Elk Grove Unified School District must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have earned a “C” average (2.0 GPA) in their overall district academic program for the grading period prior to their participation and for each succeeding grading period during participation.
  2. Meet standards of satisfactory citizenship.
  3. Have a satisfactory attendance record as defined by Board Policy.

Exceptions may be made to the above requirements by a probation committee when health, physical, mental disadvantages, or other extenuating and unusual circumstances exist. If a student-athlete is ineligible at the beginning, or becomes ineligible during a season of sport because he/she is below a 2.0 GPA, he/she remains ineligible until the Monday after grades of progress or record are published where a complete GPA is computed.

For the purpose of clarification, the following terms will be used to determine academic eligibility:

  1. Grades of Progress: data processor generated grades assigned to a student but not officially recorded on a transcript.
  2. Grades of Record: data processor generated grades assigned to a student and officially recorded on a transcript.
Continuing Eligibility
If a student has a grade of “F”, on any mid-quarter or mid-term grades of progress, the student is ineligible beginning the Monday after grades are published. That student becomes eligible as soon as he/she returns a grade clearance form to the Athletic Director, signed by the teacher, signifying that the student is earning a passing grade.
Athletic Eligibility

Every student who wants to participate in a sport must complete and have signed by a parent/guardian the following forms:

  1. Physical Form and Statement of Medical Insurance
  2. Emergency Information
  3. Parent Consent, Field Trip Permission, Physical, Injury, Risk, adherence to Codes of Conduct and Acknowledgment of Athletic Handbook

Athletes must have a yearly physical from a qualified physician who completes the medical examination report. In order to be accepted for athletics, the physical must be completed after June 1 of the school year in which the athlete plans to compete.

Ed. Code 221.9 Information