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What is GEAR UP? California Colleges and Universities 2010 Finalists for GEAR UP Educational Trust Awards Scholarships
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2010 Finalists for GEAR UP Educational Trust Awards Scholarships


Edward Harris, Jr. Middle School GEAR UP Team would like to thank all eighth-grade students who submitted a scholarship application.  There were many excellent applications which made the selection of twelve finalists a challenge. 

It is an honor to announce the following finalists for the GEAR Up Education Trust Award Scholarship:  Delaney Ford, Jazmine Henry, Kelly Ho, Truc Le, Evelyn Mariscal, Kajhani Moorman, Kelechi Ohiri, Nasayha Rehimtoola, Gulrajan Singh, Gurkirat Singh, Cassandra Tang, and Cheehlu Xiong.  Six of the finalists will become winners awarded a $2,000 scholarship that will be placed in an educational trust fund to accrue interest and be released to the student upon their enrollment in a college or university.  The other six will be an alternate and may receive a scholarship if an original recipient does not enroll in a college or university.  

During the eighth-grade promotion ceremony, the winners and alternates will be announced. 






The finalists