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Jun 2008: Year 1 Summary


Edward Harris, Jr. Middle School has just completed its first year as a NASA Explorer School. Some pretty exciting things happened. This page will become your portal to learn about the activities and enhancements that will be brought to EHMS by our association with NASA.

Our first official NES event was the Kickoff Assembly in November. We had lots of VIPs in attendance, but most exciting for us was Astronaut John Herrington who spoke to our students at two assemblies. His story was inspiring. More info and pictures as I have time ...

Some of our math and science classes - and others - began getting involved with NASA-inspired activities. We also had several visits from Tony Leavitt, our NASA Education Specialist. Tony presented many lessons on many topics and our students had fun while learning! I'll be posting some pictures of these activities.

Near the end of the year we had a very successful Math Science Discovery Night. More than 250 people showed up to play and have a good time while exploring math and science concepts. We even got into NASA's Astrogram publication and the Elk Grove Citizen.